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THE OFFICIAL Online Quit Smoking Timeline Center! We have everything you need to make your life easier as you travel along your quit smoking journey.

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Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking, and to let the Smoking Timeline website help you.

You are embarking on a journey we hope will see you finally free of those damned cigarettes – leaving you with a healthy, happy, smoke-free life.

The Smoking Timeline website is full of strategies to help you quit smoking. It’s about quitters helping quitters. Honest help from people who have been right where you are now.

You probably arrived here by searching for “quitting smoking side effects timeline” or something similar. I’m sure you will find loads of information that will help you on this site. Take a look around.

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What Happens When You Quit Smoking?

Everyone who quits smoking goes through pretty much the same series of smoking withdrawal symptoms and quitting smoking side-effects.

This is known as the Smoking Timeline.

The time-frames, as you travel through the smoking withdrawal timeline, may vary slightly due to the number of years of smoking, or how many cigarettes you smoked each day.

From as little as 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your body is working to repair itself. How amazing is that?!

You can read about all the changes and amazing repairs that your body goes through right here: The Quit Smoking Timeline.

If you have ever tried quitting smoking before, you will know that Days 3 and 4 are usually the hardest. This is when the nicotine has been removed from the body’s blood stream and that nasty little nicotine monster is screaming out for more.

Once you get through the worst of it, it becomes much easier.

The smoking timeline continues as your body keeps repairing itself long after you have quit smoking… one year, five years, ten years, even fifteen years after you stop smoking.



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Smoking IS harmful to your health. Quitting smoking will have a positive impact on your health – as you can tell from the quitting smoking timeline PDF.

Please consult your doctor for the options available to help you quit, and to monitor your health during the quitting process.


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