Cold Turkey – And The Secret About Other Quit Methods

Quitting smoking cold turkey can be a difficult journey, but if you arm yourself with as much information as possible then you can beat this thing. Read on…

Cold Turkey… And The Secret About Other Quit Methods

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Cold Turkey   And The Secret About Other Quit Methods


Have you struggled to stop smoking cigarettes?

Like most people, perhaps you have tried various methods to quit smoking, such as the patch, the gum, or using medications.

When all of these methods fail, it is easy to get discouraged, and simply give up on the idea of quitting.

Don’t do this! You have to keep trying to quit if you are going to achieve freedom.

I have a powerful suggestion for you that nobody really talks about much (and I will explain why in a moment), and that is simply this:

You should quit smoking cold turkey.

“What?!” you exclaim loudly. “Quit cold turkey, in this modern day and age, when there is so much science and medicine to help us quit?”

Most people would agree: “That’s crazy! Who would try to forgo all of these things that are designed to help you to quit and try to tough it out on their own?”

But quitting cold turkey has a lot of advantages, and you are purposely NOT being told about them.

Why not?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

“Quitting smoking” has become a product these days, but it really is not a product

If you stopped to think about it you would probably figure it out pretty quickly:

  1. The answer is about money.
  2. Selling those nicotine patches and other quitting products is a billion dollar per year industry. Most people do not understand just how much money that is, or what is really at stake, so just let me clarify for you:
  3. A billion dollar industry is not going to go down without a fight. The people making that money have no interest in seeing you quit without using their products.
  4. And they also have no interest in seeing you quit successfully. Doing so means that you will never use their quit smoking products again.
  5. Most people who quit with the patch or the gum only stay off cigarettes while they are using the product, but quickly relapse after they stop using the nicotine replacement product.

In essence, people who use nicotine cessation products tend to stay addicted to nicotine, and many of them never achieve full freedom from nicotine addiction. Shortly after they stop with the patch, the gum, or the lozenges, they are right back on cigarettes again.

Cold turkey gets a bum rap these days because people want the easy way out

The prevailing attitude in our world these days has shifted to one of entitlement. We believe that the advent of technology and modern medicine should be able to make quitting smoking or overcoming any addiction a simple and painless task.

We demand results and we do not feel that we should have to work hard for those results. Technology and modern science should do the heavy lifting for us, right?

That is our attitude and that is why the idea of cold turkey quitting is shunned so much.

We say “there just HAS to be an easier way!”

I have news for you: quitting cold turkey is much easier than you think, and it is quick and relatively painless, if you do it right.

There is nothing to buy, no pills to take, and no money to make off of you when you simply walk away from cigarettes, forever.

If you do it right, cold turkey quitting IS the easy way out.

Big business that rakes in a billion a year selling nicotine therapies wants you to believe that cold turkey is worse than heroin withdrawal. In reality, you can be feeling great as an ex-smoker in less than a week, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Quitting without nicotine replacement therapies is more successful in the long run

Think about the published studies for a moment.

The people who sell the patch and the gum and the lozenges want you to believe that they work, and that they actually help.

So they tend to publish short term studies, where they show success rates of people who use these products over shorter periods of time, such as a month, six months, one year.

But keep in mind that these successful quitters in these studies have not really quit anything–they are still hooked on nicotine!

The studies are carefully constructed to show people that use the patch and the gum are successful at avoiding cigarettes…..and of course they ARE, so long as they stay on the nicotine products.

Long term studies that look at 3, 5, and 10 year success rates for ex-smokers show a much different story, one in which cold turkey starts to make a LOT more sense.

People who quit cold turkey tend to STAY quit.

Cold turkey quitting is like ripping off a band aid – just get it over with and be done with it!

Take two smokers: smoker A and smoker B.

Smoker A applies a nicotine patch. The recommended program takes him through several months of wearing a series of nicotine patches.

Smoker B quits cold turkey. He goes through one very tough week, but by the 10 day mark, he feels like a healthy ex-smoker, without even a trace of craving left in him.

The smoker wearing the patch is just getting started with his quit at the 10 day mark. In fact, he is scheduled to step down with a series of weaker patches, with each step making him feel slight withdrawal symptoms.

When he finally goes to remove the final patch after several weeks or months, he is going to be going from having a steady stream of nicotine in his body to…..guess what?


That’s right, the guy wearing the patch is still going to have to transition to NOTHING, to no nicotine at all at some point.

And even though he has “stepped down” by using the patch system, it is still going to feel like cold turkey withdrawal.

And that is the point at which the patch and the gum studies fall apart, and decide not to show any future data on how successful their quitters are at avoiding cigarettes.

Avoid all of this nonsense and just quit cold turkey. It’s like ripping a band aid off. Get it over with already and be done with it!

Quitting cold turkey is NOT difficult

I have a couple of killer suggestions lined up for you if you are ready to take the cold turkey plunge. These suggestions are designed to help you:

  • Reward yourself for quitting.
  • Sleep through the worst part of your withdrawal.
  • Accelerate your withdrawal process and shorten it considerably.

Within a week or less you can be an ex-smoker, completely free from all nicotine and completely free from cravings.

And it’s free. It costs you nothing.

Ask yourself: “Who makes money off of this?”

The answer is NOBODY.

And that is why it is not a popular idea. There is no money in it.

But if you embrace it, quitting cold turkey can be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life.

You can learn more on this topic at Quit Smoking Techniques.

Written by Patrick Meninga.

About Patrick:
Patrick Meninga is the author of the Quit Smoking Techniques website, where you can find a lot of great information about quitting smoking. Patrick quit smoking himself over 6 years ago, and is a reader and supporter of the Smoking Timeline website.


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